Sunhat girl

I may never get over this

☾/me casually puts hat on Req
☾/me casually puts hat on me

Check out my new icon isn’t cute Crez made it go tell Crez how awesome they are. :3c

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☾I can't promise it will last
☾I am very attached to the stupid sun
☾but for now I am happy

btw we got a hanging pitcher plant oops

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☾it was just
☾sitting on the ground
☾in front of whole foods
☾we couldn't leave it :c
☾it's not in the best shape but we're gonna take care of it u vu


More centaur doodles

Frances is a mule, Req is a Persian Gazelle, and AJ is a Lipizzan

☾Req is a freespirit who cannot be tamed into wearing a shirt
☾won't do it
☾this will never not be funny to me


Giving a whole new meaning to “Quit being an ass, Frances”


Since I spent this entire morning talking to Cel about what everyone would be in the stupid centaur AU….

I had to.

Centaur Frances spends her free time polishing her shoes and practicing her face kicking technique. She makes hee haw sounds when she laughs

☾look at this fucking jerk
☾I have created a monster with this AU and I'm not sorry

I’m still not thinking about AJCO centaurs shut up.

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☾I see others are tho
☾/shifty eyes
☾my art


a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

☾my favorite
☾lesbian mermaids


This song probably plays on repeat in hell 

☾omg this is actually awesome


the new beginning by ταηjεεr on Flickr.