This happens to me so often I made it canon :P
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☾posted without comment

dammit I just remembered I made a new skin I wanted to run around in too. :I

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☾Maybe I'll see if I can get on for a little bit now...
☾/shakes fist at the void

the void just wants to hold u gently in its loving embrace

ok but can we not do the whole falling for eternity thing pls

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☾why not just a nice gentle floating through nothingness???
☾void pls

The later it gets the more upset I get.

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☾/high pitched whining
☾I don't want to sleep alone sob

I was going to play on the server for a bit, but since I keep falling through the world I’ll just watch a movie.

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☾/freefalls through the void endlessly

/proceeds to be a massive baby for the next three weeks

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☾Py is off on her magical UK adventure
☾so I'm just going to whine until she gets back




That moment of panic when you feel like you should be doing something important and the following anxiety, even after you realize there isn’t anything you need to be doing at that moment.

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☾I've been getting slapped in the face with a lot of needless anxiety lately
☾and it's loads of fun let me tell you


you make my black heart sweat

☾oh no it is cute